3 Lions Tama Abu Pass
Long Lellang
Long Lellang : Sarawak : Borneo : Malaysia
2009 International Expedition
Robin Leo Gunung Tam Abu
Akah Bridge
Connecting Airport and Medical Clinic to
School, Homes, Rice Paddies and major trails.

Village of Long Lellang with surrounding rice fields

Long Lellang village

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Trekking Banjaran Tama Abu
Tribes Losing Rainforest Battle to the Logging Conglomerates
Sep 11, 2013 ...Long Lellang is accessible by boat (two weeks), by logging road (12 hours by 4WD), or in one hour by Twin-Otter aircraft twice weekly....

Long Lellang receives much-awaited water tanks
Jul 8, 2013 ...Villagers at Long Lellang, a settlement nestled deep in the interior along Akah River, are happy that the government has supplied them with 1Malaysia water tanks. ....

Long Lellang Airport History
Sep 4, 2012 ...Lee recalled back in the 1970s he took a personal interest in pushing for an airport to be built in Long Lellang, a remote Kelabit settlement with only about 200 people...

Penan Proclaim Peace Park on Native Land Set for Logging
Nov 29, 2009 ... The Penan Peace Park area is fully concessioned for logging by the ... habitat was then and still is being destroyed by the timber industry. ...

Kew Gardens May 2005 Expedition
The ethnobotanical information documented in this report was provided by the Kelabit, Lun Bawang and Penan communities. It is traditional knowledge and the intellectual property of the communities...

Walking with the Penans 2006
From Long Sabai we headed northeast towards the Tama Abu range. Every day I would have scraped 100 leeches ...

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