3 Lions Tama Abu Pass
Gunung Kinabalu
Kinabalu :: Sabah :: Borneo :: Malaysia
Robin Leo makes first Penan ascent
Robin Leo Gunung Tam Abu
Mount Kinabalu
Robin Leo scales ledge
approaching Low's Summit
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Robin Leo summits on November 8, 2010

Tama Abu first ascent
AP Sep 30 2009: Expedition leader Robin Leo with Poon Niran on summit of Gunung Tama Abu. The Three Lions International Expedition reached the 2113 meter summit September 24th on their third and final attempt. Gunung Tama Abu is Sarawak's sixth highest peak and least accessible mountain. All of Borneo's ten highest peaks have now been climbed.

Kinabalu: Highest Peak in SE Asia?

Historical Events

From: Mountains of Malaysia: a practical guide and manual.

1857 ~ Spencer St. John makes first recorded attempt by outsider to climb Mulu, but only reaches Banarat.
1858 ~ Spencer St. John & Hugh Low - First outsider expedition to reach area of Gunung Murud and Batu Lawi .
1888 ~ First ascent of Low’s Peak, 4,101 metre, on Kinabalu by John Whitehead. Low’s Peak is highest point between Burma and New Guinea.
1891 ~ The Resident of Baram (Hose) is the first outsider to climb Bukit Dulit in Sarawak.
1911 ~ The Resident of Baram (Douglas) makes first government expedition to Bario in Kelabit Highlands of Sarawak.
1911 ~ Curator of Sarawak Museum (Moulton) leads first expedition to Batu Lawi. The Furthest point is half-way
up the saddle between the two peaks.
1922 ~ Curator of Sarawak Museum (Mjoberg) makes first ascent of Gunung Murud, 2,423 metre - the highest mountain in Sarawak.
1932 ~ Oxford Expedition to Sarawak. Tama Nilong and Edward Shackleton make first ascent of Gunung Mulu. 1932 ~ The Curator of Sarawak Museum (Banks) and A.W. Moore are first outsider to climb Bukit Kalulong.
1945 ~ Z Special parachutes into the Kelabit Highlands at Bario.
1946 ~ First ascent of lower peak of Batu Lawi by Tom Harrisson, Lejau Unad Doolinih and five other Kelabits.
1978 ~ First ascent of Gunung Api, 1,710 metre, in Mulu Park. The summit is first reached by Tama Kulan and Tama Bulan (grandson of Tama Nilong who first climbed Mulu with Shackleton in 1932).
1986 ~ First ascent of upper peak of Batu Lawi by 14th/20th King’s Hussars, led by Johny Beardsall.
2007 ~ First Malaysian ascent of 2046 meter Batu Lawi on Aug 14.

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Small groups of nomads move through a land of dense forest, narrow steep-sided valleys and fast flowing streams in the north-east of the state. Penan material culture is changing....

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Oct 7, 2009 ...THE Penan community is back in the news. A week ago, all hell broke loose when the much anticipated report by the National Taskforce on the Investigations on Allegations of Rape of Penan Women was circulated on the Internet. The...

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Nov 29, 2009 ... The Penan Peace Park area is fully concessioned for logging by the ... habitat was then and still is being destroyed by the timber industry. ...

Friends of the Penan
In the Penan language there are forty words for sago palm, and no words for goodbye, or thank you - or thief. The Penan view the entire rainforest as their home...

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